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Friday, June 10, 2016

Drama SBS Tantara (Entertainer) OST Part 1-8

1. 개리 (GARY) – 딴따라 (SBS 수목드라마) OST – Part.1
Release Date: 2016.04.28
Genre: OST

Track List:
01. Entertainer (Click Here)

2. 수란 Suran - 딴따라 OST Part 2 

Track List:
01. To Your Dream (Click Here)

3. Han Seo Yoon - 딴따라 OST Part 3

Track List:
01. Lost Child (Click Here)
02. Lost Child (Inst.) (Click Here)

4. Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue - 딴따라 OST Part 4

Track List:
01. I See You (Click Here)
02. I See You (Inst.) (Click Here)

5. Gaeko - 딴따라 OST Part 5
Track List:
01. Send Me Your Pictures (Click Here)

6. Jeong Eun Ji - 딴따라 OST Part 6
Track List:
01. Before Love (Click Here)

7. Ailee feat Truedy - Entertainer OST Part 7
Track List:
    01. I cant live without You (Click here)

8. Jo Bok Rae - Entertainer OST Part 8
    Track List:
    01. You Can Cry (Click here)

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